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Home Buyers Guide to Inspections

Know The Facts, Then Buy Your Dreamhouse!

Professional Home Inspections

Realtors show you house and take care of many details. Some may drive you to the lender, and even schedule inspections and the appraisal. Their service is valuable, but remember, unless you've signed a contract with a buyer broker or buyer's agent, the realtor represents the seller and isn't - by law - working for you.

Appraisers report on value. Surveyors report on the position of the house on the lot, and its dimensions. Lawyers review the contracts and documents and in many states close the loan. Title Companies issue title insurance, review the documents, and may also close the loan in some states. The Loan Officers will help you arrange financing. However, none of these professionals report on the condition of the property or report defects. A Professional Home Inspector will spend several hours going over the house, informing you of their observations and reporting the defects they find. Inspectors look at the house with an experienced eye.

Take time to protect yourself Be certain your purchase contract includes a home inspection clause and the clause spells out what happens if your inspector finds defects. This could mean the seller makes hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of repairs for you or you will not be required to buy the house. Conduct a cursory inspection yourself before signing the contract, then schedule a Professional Inspection before spending money on loan fees, an appraisal, credit search, etc.

Use this Guide to help you look for clues, telltale signs, or red flags indicating problems. During "the house hunt" you may view several appealing houses. This check-up can help narrow your selection and avoid a house with apparent major problems. Don't become emotionally and financially attached to a house in need of expensive repairs.

Do you still need to hire a Professional Home Inspector to report observations and defects? Yes! This Buyer's Guide shows some problems or clues to look for but Professional Home Inspectors will report on scores of items not mentioned in this guide. The inspector will go into crawl spaces, and other areas you can not or will not go. Call now to receive information on how a home inspection can save you money.

View the Home Buyers Guide to Inspections in the following sections:

Air Conditioning, Heating/Fireplace, Roof
Interior, Electrical, Plumbing, Site Drainage
Exterior, Foundation/Basement/Structure, Insulation, Water Problems

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